Across this great country there are numerous organizations that have set out to assist in helping the homeless Veteran, yet the question still remains, why are the numbers shown by the Veteran's Administration concerning those who actually come in the office to be serviced  so low?  And why when you speak with many if not all Homeless Veteran's do they speak of their distrust in the assistance of others?  The bottom line is that we all have the same common goal to provide and assist those in need, however struggling to come together in this commitment.  Today we are in an age that requires knowledge of computer technology, but let us not forget that the familiarity of the human heart can only be experienced personally​.

March for Veteran's Rights 

Housing, Jobs, Benefits, Education and Healthcare

America's Vets Helping Vets for Life

March for Veteran's Rights

The Platform

The Veterans March on Washington will bring awareness to the Country of the needs and Adversity plaguing Veteran’s and their families. We will March from the Monument to the Capitol Steps carrying signs and placards to protest and call for change in the way Veteran’s are treated and viewed by society. Veterans leaving the Military are lost when it comes to where they should go to get the help they need to transition from Military to Civilian Life.  It is crucial that they receive timely and accurate information on applying for benefits, healthcare, housing and employment. This Veteran's March On Washington will seek to accomplish two things. First, to make transitioning from Military to civilian life as seamless as possible. Second to have Vet-to-Vet mentoring set-up for Veteran's who have been out of the military for a while and know the system to assist newly discharged Veteran's and their families with any paperwork they need to complete in order recieve benefits and healthcare.


Two words that just never seem to go together “homeless” and “Veteran.”   There are between 130,000 and 200,000 homeless veterans on any given night, of which 4 percent are females, representing between ¼ and 1/5 of all homeless people in America, on any given night.  Approximately 40% of all homeless men in America are military Veteran's. * (information taken from The National Coalition for The Homeless).



Veterans deserve to receive timely and professional care from VA medical facilities.  Females also deserve to receive the same treatment that their male counterparts receive, and all VA medical facilities should be fully capable, fully staffed and fully equipped  to facilitate process of delivering qualty service and care to all who have served our country.


As prior and current Military Personnel, we signed an oath of enlistment that was and still is good for up to and in many cases including our lives.  Many Veteran's were either injured on active duty or contracted some type of illness that they must now live with.  Many of them fought and died. but the fact of the matter is that far to many came home to find they would have to fight on another front in order to receive the benefits they both earned and they deserve.



With the high number of career and job fields in the US Armed Forces, there is essentially no veteran who does not possess a working level of job experience.  Add to that, that during times of deployment, Veterans left jobs thinking they would ultimately return after their term of service. Sadly, that is not the case for many and they return to positions that have been filled, extensive delays or total disregard in place of a rehire.  We call upon all Federal Government Agencies to have the Veteran's Preference Program and Veteran's Readjustment Act reinstated and  fully enforced. 

The Issues

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